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Canurta Inc. Unveils Strategic Reorganization & Rebranding: Introducing Canurta Therapeutics and Canurta Naturals

We are pleased to announce a significant transformation in our corporate structure and brand architecture. The organization will now have two distinct operating arms: Canurta Inc, which will continue to do business as Canurta Therapeutics; and newly created  Canurta Naturals. This structure aligns our brand identity more closely with each company’s mission and operational focus. 


Canurta Therapeutics: Pioneering Botanical Drug Development  


Canurta Inc. will be doing business as Canurta Therapeutics, reflecting its dedication to creating best-in-class botanical drugs. With a core focus on addressing inflammation and neurological disorders, Canurta Therapeutics represents the company's commitment to technology-driven drug development to address unmet needs for patients in new and optimized ways.  


Canurta Naturals: Science-Led Wellness Products  


The newly incorporated US sister company, Canurta Naturals, marks Canurta's strategic entry into the natural supplement market. Focused on the distribution and sales of potent, high-quality natural ingredients and supplements, Canurta Naturals aims to make a significant impact in the largest supplement market globally, the USA. 


Unified Yet Distinct  


While Canurta Therapeutics and Canurta Naturals will operate with distinct missions and identities, both are integral parts of the Canurta Limited Partnership, ensuring a cohesive strategy and unified vision. This restructuring strengthens the brand's presence in both the biotechnology and natural wellness sectors, reflecting Canurta's commitment to innovation, preventative and precision medicine, and the power of botanical solutions. 


"This rebranding marks a pivotal moment in our journey. As Canurta Therapeutics and Canurta Naturals, we stand better positioned to articulate our unique strengths and drive forward our mission of using botanical innovation to heal and transform at all life stages. Today’s health consumers expect quality and innovation across preventative wellness products and pharmaceuticals. We are excited to build trust and loyalty throughout their health journeys,” expressed Akeem Gardner, Founder and CEO of Canurta, on this new chapter. 


The name Canurta, derived from 'Cannabis' and 'Ninurta' – the Mesopotamian god of agriculture, healing, and war – symbolizes the company's dedication to the innovative use of botanicals for healing and the fight against chronic diseases. This rebranding reaffirms Canurta's mission to harness the potential of nature to improve health and well-being. 


Canurta invites all stakeholders to embrace this evolution and join in the journey towards a healthier, more sustainable future powered by botanical innovation. 


Canurta would like to recognize and thank its consultants and advisors on structure implementation and execution, with work completed by MNP and the MNP Future Leaders Program alongside Beganyi Professional Corporation, Goodlawyer and Doola.  


Canurta Naturals to Launch First Natural Health Brand in 2024 


We look forward to sharing more about our product launch later this year. Subscribe to our newsletter in the footer below to receive the latest updates on our new natural health brand.  

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