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Leading with Innovative Inflammation Recovery

Inflammation plays a detrimental role in most diseases, including autoimmune and neuromuscular disorders, infectious diseases, and certain types of cancers. 


Canurta’s lead candidates, Cannflavins A and B, are rare polyphenolic compounds scientifically shown to have 30x more anti-inflammatory power than NSAIDs.


Canurta’s Therapy Areas

Canurta is focused on innovative therapies that hold great potential to alleviate symptoms and control disease progression. By championing the multipotency qualities of polyphenols, we can address a variety of disease targets with multiple physiological determinants.

CNR 100s: Anti-Inflammation


Inflammation is mediated in our bodies in different ways. The two pathways most often targeted are called the prostaglandin pathway, and the lipoxygenase pathway. Many drugs used to treat inflammation are designed to inhibit or shut down only one pathway. This prevents the production of some proinflammatory molecules but leaves room for inflammation to manifest.

What if we could find a way to inhibit both of these pathways at the same time? Well, you would have a very powerful anti-inflammatory that can block inflammation from two key mediators.

Canurta’s CNR-100 assets make dual inhibition possible, offering botanical solutions that can eliminate the production of proinflammatory molecules.

CNR-100 candidates are designed to target chronic inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile arthritis, atherosclerosis, respiratory diseases, Chagas disease, and heart diseases involving cardiac and vascular inflammation. 


CNR-200s: Cancer


Canurta is investigating new therapies for a variety of cancers by uncovering the power of botanical drugs that hold the key to inhibiting pathways involved in the progression of several types of cancer.


Canurta’s CNR-200 assets are rich in rare polyphenols that have the ability to inhibit tropomyosin kinase B (TrkB) receptor signaling, a critical pathway that drives the growth of cancer cells.


Some cancer cells, like glioblastoma, thrive on TrkB activation, triggering a cascade of events that promote survival, proliferation, and migration of cancer cells. CNR-200’s work by reducing the activation of TrkB-regulated pathways, fighting against the processes that fuel the growth and spread of cancer.


CNR-300s: Antiviral


Viral diseases are a significant health concern worldwide. From common colds to infectious diseases like corona and flaviviruses, these diseases can have varying, complex degrees of impact on human health.

When a virus replicates, it produces proteins that are initially stuck together as a group called polyproteins. These polyproteins need to be cut into smaller pieces by a specific enzyme called the main protease  (MPro) to become active and perform their functions in the virus replication and packaging process.

In this process, the main protease (MPro) acts like a pair of sharp scissors responsible for making those cuts. Our CNR-300 therapeutics inhibit MPro’s ability to cut polyproteins into smaller active units. And as a result, they remain intact.

Canurta’s botanical innovations can play a crucial role in halting virus replication and controlling the spread of future pandemic threats, such as coronaviruses, dengue virus, and infectious diseases like HIV and Hepatitis C.


CNR 400s: Neuroprotective


Researchers have learned that polyphenols can play an important role in protecting our brain cells. Yet most sources of polyphenols can lack bioavailability and access to rarer, therapeutic compounds.


Canurta proprietary technologies identify and extract rare polyphenols at high-potencies to develop therapeutics that can defend against neurodegenerative diseases and treat emerging symptoms.


This defence targets two enzymes called MAGL and FAAH. These enzymes produce a substance called arachidonic acid that can lead to inflammation. And we know inflammation can contribute to the progression of neurodegenerative diseases.


Canurta’s CNR-400 therapeutics  – can stop these enzymes in their tracks, safeguarding brain cells by stopping harmful, inflammatory processes.


A Continuum of Care starts with Nutraceuticals

Building both innovative botanical drugs and nutraceutical products allows us to leverage the multi-potent benefits of our polyphenolic compounds to meet both daily supplement needs and the demand for next-generation botanical drugs.


Canurta’s nutraceuticals will serve as the foundation for prevention and management, while our botanical drugs focus on treatment, addressing specific diseases.


Activated Seed Powders

Canurta’s Activated Hemp Seed Powder has the highest concentration of hemp seed polyphenols for inflammation and antioxidant support.

Using a proprietary activation process, Activated Hemp Seed Powder has optimized digestibility and bioavailability of essential vitamins and minerals as compared to conventional hemp seed powders. This process also enhances the formation of polyphenolic molecules, providing unparalleled access to vital compounds, surpassing conventional hemp seed powders.


Joint Mobility


Antioxidant Support




Vitamins and Minerals


Polyphenol Extract

Canurta’s polyphenol extract is a patented polyphenol extract clinically shown to manage inflammation, address acute pain and improve skin health.

Using a proprietary extraction process that detects, isolates, and purifies rare hemp polyphenols such as Cannflavins in the highest concentration available, Polyphenol Extract is a potent ingredient with a unique profile.






Joint Mobility


Skin Care





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