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Powered by Science, Made for Everyone

Canurta has become a pioneer in seeking to leverage the health-promoting potential of novel polyphenols and bring them to the marketplace via (1) foodstuffs, (2) natural health ingredients, and (3) pharmaceutical candidates targeting the diseases of today and tomorrow.

TDMs Platform

Canurta is building its futureproof platform integrating current manufacturing technologies with AI and science-based approaches to future product development. Currently, we are rapidly building and expanding a state of the aft facility to fulfill our research, processing, and production needs.


With our strong research background and validated standards, we are able to quantify total polyphenolic contents to ensure quality and accuracy across our supply chain. By pairing our physical supply chain with blockchain technologies, we are able to provide consumers and key ecosystem partners transparency into the full lifecycle of our products.

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AI Driven Development

From experience with the synthesis platform, Canurta’s researchers have discovered that there are significant opportunities to generate modifications within chemical subspaces of Canurta’s library of molecules, which can result in changing or, better yet, improving their bioactivity. For computer-aided drug design (CADD) to succeed and to grow the company’s capabilities, Canurta is incorporating a team of skilled bioinformaticians to create a CADD pipeline with analogs, and de novo generated molecules obtained via graph relational generated models and rule-based molecule modification models. Canurta will use bioinformatics coupled with enzymatic synthesis to find new promising leads for pharmaceutical applications in a more efficient way.

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Transparency by Design

Canurta will deploy blockchain technology paired with its physical supply chain to establish a digital ledger that enables full supply chain traceability – providing regulators, customers, consumers and other ecosystem partners with critical information related to the lifecycle of its products. We have developed our supply chain's digital twin on Hyperledger Iroha and will deploy it throughout the pilot-scale manufacturing of our molecules and assets, with the aim to have a working prototype as Canurta enters the market with its Activated Seed Powders.

Supply chain management is complex, as it includes coordinating with intellectual properties (IPs), various levels of domestic and international governments, regulations, laws, logistics, and supply chain transparency. Our blockchain supply chain management system will provide a smarter solution to managing a sustainable supply chain.

Our Facility

Canurta is currently establishing its operations in a setting that guarantees growth and quality products on a 34 acre agri-commercial lot in Niagara Region. Canurta expects to have its 7,800 square feet (with opportunity for expansion) agri-processing building - built following National Farm Building Code and according to GMP specifications - raised on an identified property fitted with all infrastructures. This will allow for streamlining production and ensuring that standards are met throughout manufacturing, development, and delivery processes. Canurta expects to become the leader in its field and be able to translate technology to other places, contributing to local development.

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