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Polykye™ for Rapid Discovery

Canurta Therapeutics' Polykye™ Platform combines 21 global patents that create, screen and scale up novel, pharmaceutical grade polyphenols to generate validated candidates ready for clinical study.


Polykye™ produces a library of rare known chemical entities and new chemical entities which are screened for activity against all of our current assays spanning anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective activities. 

“Kye” is the Akan word for “source” or “beginning”, signaling our commitment to developing breakthrough botanical drugs. 


A Future-Ready Platform

Canurta's innovative drug development approach integrates advanced digital technologies with botanical science, driving the fourth industrial revolution in botanical therapeutics.

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Custom Database of Bioactive Polyphenols


Polykye™ utilizes machine and deep learning techniques to curate an expansive database of bioactive polyphenols. Through virtual screening and predictive modeling of these compounds, Canurta’s approach to precision drug development accelerates the path from molecule discovery to clinical readiness.

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Proven Bioavailability

Once activity is identified, lead candidates are formulated for optimal bioavailability with the relevant route of administration. Combined with the power of bioinformatics and enzymatic synthesis, we are poised to uncover promising leads for pharmaceutical breakthroughs and nutraceutical innovations in record time.

Restoring Trust in Drug Development with Blockchain

Canurta integrates blockchain into its physical supply chain, establishing a digital ledger for complete traceability that meets FDA regulations. This approach provides crucial product lifecycle information, ensuring batch-to-batch consistency and satisfying regulators, customers, consumers, and ecosystem partners. 


Using blockchain-based supply chain management, Canurta offers a more innovative, sustainable solution for navigating complexities associated with intellectual properties, government levels, regulations, laws, and logistics.

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