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Chemistry and Activities of Cannflavins

The Cannabis plant, historically recognized for its diverse applications from textiles to therapeutics, continues to unveil its molecular complexities. A recent comprehensive review delves into the chemistry and biological activities of cannflavins, unique flavonoids found in Cannabis. These compounds, distinct for their prenylated structure, offer a promising yet underexplored avenue for pharmaceutical development. 


The review outlines the sophisticated methods employed for the extraction, isolation, and identification of cannflavins, alongside their biosynthesis and chemical synthesis pathways. With a focus on phenylalanine and malonyl CoA as starting points, the study highlights the potential for microbial biotransformation in enhancing cannflavin production. Moreover, it presents a detailed discussion on the analytical techniques pivotal for flavonoid separation and detection within cannabis, setting a foundation for future research and development. 


Despite the inherent challenges posed by the low natural abundance of cannflavins in Cannabis, the review underscores the imperative for innovative high-yield synthetic and biosynthetic protocols. The documented pharmacological activities of cannflavins, supported by molecular docking studies, reinforce their significant therapeutic potential. 


Learn more about this paper and its findings here: 

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