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Reversing Chronic Disease with Powerful Polyphenols

Canurta is a preclinical biotechnology company focused on the discovery and bioprocessing of rare polyphenols with the power to reverse the global chronic disease crisis. 

We’ve assembled the world’s leading experts to validate, scaleup and optimize the performance of our novel polyphenols to create first-in-class botanical formulations with substantial anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-cancer, and neuroprotective properties.

First time Access to High-Potency Cannflavins

Canurta’s lead innovation is the identification and extraction of high-potency cannflavins. These polyphenolic compounds found rare in the plant kingdom, have been scientifically shown to have 30x more anti-inflammatory power than NSAIDS. 

Our technology platform is able to access, purify and enrich cannflavins for the first time to develop proprietary and clinically-backed botanical assets for inflammatory disease targets.

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The Polykye Revolution

Inspired by the Akan (Ghanian) word "kye," which means "source" or "beginning," Polykye embodies our dedication to being the origin of new discoveries and advancements in polyphenol research. By seamlessly merging our state-of-the-art proprietary production platforms with AI technology, Polykye enables Canurta to create de-novo molecules with remarkable potential for pharmaceutical breakthroughs.

Supporting the DeSci Community

The Healing Project (THP) uses blockchain technology to facilitate a transparent and  decentralized innovation process empowering diverse stakeholders to take part in cross-departmental projects and working groups at Canurta to build skills, relationships and experience in the biotechnology space.


Every year, THP community members nominate and select a charity to receive 1% of company revenue. Members gain access to THP by purchasing a membership token.

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