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Disrupting Chronic Disease with Powerful Polyphenols

Canurta is a preclinical biotechnology company pioneering the discovery and production of novel, polyphenol-rich ingredients to improve chronic disease prevention and recovery for humans and animals. 


Our ingredients enhance the functionality of foods, wellness products and biopharmaceuticals.

More Effective Natural Solutions

Canurta’s vision is to reverse the global rise in chronic disease with transformative natural solutions. Our research and technology unlocks the significant anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-cancer and neuroprotective potential of plant polyphenols. 


Most widespread therapeutics won’t eliminate the source of disease and can be responsible for long-term side effects. We aspire to improve health outcomes, promote longevity and pull humans and animals out of the cycle of chronic disease.

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Finding the Answer in Cannflavins

Canurta’s focus begins with polyphenolic molecules unique to Cannabis sativa, or hemp, called cannflavins. These are flavones, subsets of flavonoids, of which 8000 occur in Nature. All plants contain flavones in low concentrations. Our ground-breaking research has focused on optimizing availability and therapeutic value of cannflavins.

Cannabis sativa is the most versatile therapeutic source in nature, whose investigation has led to the discovery of the endocannabinoid system, the major homeostatic regulator of every physiological system in higher animals.

A Platform Designed for the Future

Canurta will implement credible processes and strategies en route to developing its botanical assets for clinical investigation.

In addition, we discovered significant opportunities to generate beneficial modifications within chemical subspaces of novel polyphenols and related molecules. By combining wet-lab techniques with modern computer-aided drug design (CADD) methods such as structure-based drug screening, and ligand-based modeling, Canurta can expand its future possibilities to design and test novel molecules for both known and new targets.

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Focusing on what matters most

Founded on the principles of open, decentralized science (DeSci), Canurta aims to position itself as a leader in the future of healthcare discovery. This strategy allows a diverse array of stakeholders, including the public and patient communities, to fund clinical design and development; and accelerate the build of a blockchain-enabled biotech organization. The Healing Project (THP) will tap into the power of blockchain technology to provide a new business model rooted in transparency, decentralization and collective ownership.

THP aims to build a minimum viable community of 10,000 early adopters for Canurta’s innovative solutions through storytelling and member exclusive perks. The public, organizations such as partners and charities, and other stakeholders are able to be part of Canurta’s story by purchasing a membership “token”. Members will be invited to collaborate; participate in cross-departmental projects and working groups; and nominate and select an annual charitable cause of choice to receive 1% of product revenues.

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