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Transforming Rare Polyphenols into Botanical Drugs

Canurta Therapeutics is at the forefront of developing multi-target botanical drugs, leveraging rare and newly discovered polyphenols to offer innovative treatments for inflammation and neurological diseases.


Our cutting-edge bioinformatics and proprietary manufacturing processes enable us to transform rare polyphenols into high-quality, clinically active biopharmaceutical ingredients. 


Next Generation
Multi-Target Therapeutics

Canurta is leading the world in research and development of rare and newly discovered polyphenols with multi-target qualities that can address the many different physiological determinants of complex diseases. 

The complex diseases in our therapy areas of focus, inflammation and neurology, are multifactorial and often caused by multiple genetic and/or environmental factors.  

Canurta's multi-target drug approach integrates advanced digital technologies, embodying the fourth industrial revolution on drug discovery.


Our compounds, created by proprietary extraction, synthesis or AI molecule generation, are screened by bioinformatics tools, added to our molecule library and then analyzed with AI to predict synergy.

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Providing Consistent, Standardized Doses of Polyphenols

Polyphenols serve as a defense mechanism in plants, safeguarding against environmental stressors and pathogens. Yet, it can be difficult to capture and determine bioavailability of these compounds. 

Canurta’s proprietary enrichment technologies surpass this challenge and is a unique process compared to any other botanical extraction techniques. 

Proviing Conitnt, PotentThrapeutic doses o Polyphenol

Our Lead Candidates: High-Potency Cannflavins

Canurta has developed a platform that allows for the production of  high-potency cannflavins. Cannflavins A and B are rare, multipotent compounds that exhibit strong anti-inflammatory properties and possess neuroprotective benefits, targeting crucial enzymes linked to disease progression. 


These lead compounds are scientifically proven to have 30x more anti-inflammatory power than NSAIDs. 


Our advanced technologies and leading team of scientists can identify, capture, purify, and standardize cannflavins for the first time to meet strict pharmaceutical manufacturing standards and develop botanical extracts and pure compounds with proven clinical activity. 

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What are Cannflavins?

In the 1980s, researchers began investigating a group of hemp polyphenols, called cannflavins. This research showed that cannflavins demonstrate immense anti-inflammatory properties when compared to common anti-inflammatories on the market. 

Cannflavins are found in low concentrations compared to cannabinoids like THC and CBD, and are non-psychoactive. Canurta is able to enrich cannflavins to increase availability and potency for clinical investigation and commercial development.

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