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Transforming Rare Polyphenols into Botanical Drugs

Canurta is a biotechnology company discovering and bioprocessing rare, multipotent polyphenols to find new ways to reverse the chronic disease crisis with botanical therapeutics. 


With our advanced technologies, Canurta can capture, purify, and enrich rare polyphenols for the first time to target inflammation and address unmet needs in neurology, virology and oncology.


We Believe in
Multipotent Therapeutics

Canurta champions the multipotency qualities of polyphenols to address a variety of disease targets. We recognize that many chronic and complex diseases arise from multiple physiological determinants that require a multipotency approach.

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Providing Consistent, Therapeutic Doses of Polyphenols

Polyphenols serve as a defense mechanism in plants, safeguarding against environmental stressors and pathogens. They have the potential to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and are considered an essential part of the human diet.


Yet, it can be difficult to reach the recommended daily intake through diet alone. Canurta’s proprietary enrichment methods surpass this challenge and is a unique process compared to any other botanical extraction techniques.

Proviing Conitnt, PotentThrapeutic doses o Polyphenol

Our Lead Candidates: High-Potency Cannflavins

Canurta has achieved access to high-potency cannflavins. These rare polyphenolic compounds are scientifically shown to have 30x more anti-inflammatory power than NSAIDs.


Through our advanced technology platform, we capture, purify, and enrich cannflavins for the first time to develop clinically-backed botanical therapeutics.

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What are Cannflavins?

In the 1980s, researchers began investigating a group of hemp polyphenols, called cannflavins. This research showed that cannflavins demonstrate immense anti-inflammatory properties when compared to common anti-inflammatories on the market.


Cannflavins are found in low concentrations compared to cannabinoids like THC and CBD, and are non-psychoactive. Canurta is able to enrich cannflavins to increase availability and potency.

The Latest from Canurta

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