New Polyphenol Solutions that Naturally Target Inflammation


While different polyphenols are found across the plant world, Canurta’s polyphenols are valuable due to their ability to eliminate inflammation at the source through dual inhibition of pro-inflammatory pathways. 

Canurta designs safe, effective and novel ingredients from hemp polyphenols to successfully support prevention and recovery from inflammation.

Who is Canurta? Dual Inhibition and Inflammation Explained

Who is Canurta? Dual Inhibition and Inflammation Explained

A New Approach to Health Innovation

Canurta presents The Healing Project, a curious community discovering natural products that will promote optimal health in people and animals.

Our Research

"Inflammation is the common culprit at the root of many human health problems, particularly in relation to injuries, and is a constant unwanted companion in our aging populations. Unfortunately, the most common remedy, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), are notorious for their side effects.

Canurta believes that better answers may come from botanicals—compounds from plants that can address inflammation without these side effects. Hemp contains numerous non-intoxicating compounds with anti-inflammatory benefits that lack these dangers by working through novel pathways that provide the promise of safer treatment for a wide variety of conditions."

- Dr. Ethan Russo, Senior Medical Advisor