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With Canurta, a State of Healing is Possible at Every Stage of Life.

Our mission is to solve the world’s biggest health challenge: preventing and managing chronic disease safely. 

We target inflammation because it is the root cause of disease. And we build natural solutions backed by science to rival synthetic anti-inflammatory ingredients that aren’t safe for daily or long-term support.


Backed By Research

Our story began in 2019 with University of Guelph researcher Tariq Akhtar, after he and his team discovered how to efficiently extract and enrich the important anti-inflammatory polyphenols unique to hemp, creating the opportunity to bring this ingredient to people looking for an effective, natural solution for pain and other inflammatory symptoms.

Canurta has also joined forces with Dr. Ethan Russo, MD, our Senior Medical Advisor. A board-certified neurologist and psychopharmacology researcher who is the preeminent global medical cannabis expert, Dr. Russo will lead the way for future biotech development with top researchers and institutions.

Canurta will provide a validated, safe and natural intervention for inflammation, becoming a dietary staple for the 21st century.

Canurta’s White Paper

Canurta’s Research Bank

"Inflammation is the common culprit at the root of many human health problems, particularly in relation to injuries, and is a constant unwanted companion in our aging populations. Unfortunately, the most common remedy, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), are notorious for their side effects.

Canurta believes that better answers may come from botanicals—compounds from plants that can address inflammation without these side effects. Hemp contains numerous non-intoxicating compounds with anti-inflammatory benefits that lack these dangers by working through novel pathways that provide the promise of safer treatment for a wide variety of conditions."

- Dr. Ethan Russo, Senior Medical Advisor

We're Committed to Sustainable Production Practices

From farm to market, sustainability is a cornerstone of everything we do. Canurta is proactive about seeking out partners who demonstrate leadership in corporate sustainability and strive to move beyond minimum standards.

Canurta practices zero-waste manufacturing with extraction technology designed to repurpose waste biomass in addition to allowing for recyclability of key inputs. We also work with farmers who are guided by our Sustainable Farming Framework which covers everything from soil, water and energy conservation to biodiversity and pollinator protection.

Human, Planet & Animal Welfare


Sustainable farming and procurement

Zero-waste, energy-efficient manufacturing


Ethical, equitable and inclusive employment

Local job creation and economic enhancement


Ethically-conscious partners

Reduction, replacement and refinement in R&D

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